About us

Founded in 2015, Spot is specialized in Technical and Sworn Translation for any type of document, text or project in the languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Norwegian, Indonesian, Danish, Russian and Portuguese.

We serve several areas of activity such as: Academic, Agrochemical, Food, Automotive, Banking, Publishing, Energy, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Industry, Legal, Advertising and Marketing, Oil and Gas, Chemistry, Insurance, Services, Technology and Transport.

With personalized service and always aiming to offer the best services, we have well-defined processes, advanced technology, quality control and a highly knowledgeable and qualified team.

That is how we work for you.
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How we proceed
  1. Please, send your demand and request an estimate
  2. Choose the services and request the deadlines by e-mail
  3. Receive the quotations and choose the form of payment
  4. Upon contracting, receive the translations online or wherever you prefer

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